Lee Merrill

Lee Merrill

Lee Merrill

A Southern magnolia transplanted in cactus land, Lee Merrill lives in the Phoenix area with her husband, three sons, two dogs, and a bearded dragon. She spends her days working as a special education teacher for junior high students. She loves watching her students grow to believe that they can learn and achieve greatness despite their learning challenges. She spends every spare moment blogging and writing scripture-based prayers she calls “prayer gifts.”

Active in church ministry since her teens, Lee currently serves on the worship team and is in the process of growing a women’s ministry. In past years, Lee worked in the children’s ministry, served on the pastor’s search committee, and coordinated a women’s mentoring ministry.

When Lee read Jim’s write-up of their interview, her first response was to pull out of the project. She didn’t want to come across as old-school or out-of-touch; but after prayer and thought, she decided to stick to her beliefs and see where the journey takes her.

 Since the interview, a few things occurred that helped Lee understand why many women feel like resigning: a lack of a male presence in the Sunday school classes, difficulty getting men to volunteer for church work projects, and a disheartening conversation with a male church leader.

Lee looks forward to the dialog between people of various views and backgrounds. She wants to see the Body of Christ flourish, not wither.

Contact Lee:

Facebook: Leebirdmerrill
Twitter: @LeeBirdFree
Website: http://prayergifts.net
Email: leebirdmerrill (a) gmail.com