Laura O’Neill

Laura O'Neill & Adriana

Laura O'Neill & Adriana

I live in South Dakota – but I will always be a Texan. Tom and I have been married for 35 years. Our two sons married strong, smart, creative, women. We have two grandchildren: they really do make parenting worth the effort.

I can be technical or creative. My academic background is in engineering and radiation physics. Professionally, I am a Medical Physicist – providing a bridge between radiological science, technology and medicine. I also teach physics to radiation therapy students. I love to craft and am trying to learn to paint and quilt. When it warms up you can find me in the garden at every opportunity.

There is always one or more books “in progress” close by. As an input junkie, I am also seminary student. This time of life is clearly a journey of transition. All those accomplishments and the roles of my life no longer validate me.

My identity in Christ and His indwelling Spirit define me.  Through some monthly encounters with Grace Life Ministries International, I am learning how to come alongside others who are ready to experience fully God’s grace in Christ. I am passionate about helping current and future Christ followers understand fully the exchange of their lives at the cross.  I am learning to “live loved and love” as never before.

I want to write, and know I must write, but am struggling with timidity getting started.  Therefore, I write a blog.  You can also find me on facebook.