Women Are Finding Hope from Resignation of Eve

I believe we all struggle with two basic fears

1. I’m alone (I’m the only one who thinks ____________ )

2. I’m stupid ( I’m not as smart, gifted or lucky as __________ )

I wrote Resignation of Eve hoping women would find some measure of relief from one or both of these fears. I’m happy to report that even though the book has been out less than two weeks we’re already hearing some good reports like these…

(it’s) “Giving words to my experience and helping me ‘care less’ what people think of my leading as a woman.”

“I loved reading the stories of women and entering into their experience – some very similar to mine, and some very different. But all of them made me think and consider what it would be like to be in their spot.”

“It’s my opinion that this feeling of resignation is what leads to resentment and ultimately women not wanting to be in a church. This is a very relevant book that I believe ministers need to read.”

“This book is a must read for every church leader. As a woman in ministry, I have felt the undercurrent of leaders using women to do the drudge work of ministry while making sure they have no position or authority and keeping them in “their place”. Even denominations who have traditionally allowed women more freedom in pursuing ministry and using their ministry gifts, like mine has, are being infiltrated by a mentality that says women have no place in the leadership of the church”

“What is sincere and earnest about this book is not the data and figures, but rather the personal stories of women and their relationship to the Church that Henderson has meticulously collected and organized. As a female pastor, I found the stories informational, eye-opening, and some even heart-wrenching.”

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