Want To Fix Unemployment? Let Women Run Things

I was listening to a reporter on the radio today. He said that in order to get our economy back on track we need to add 6-7 million new jobs asap.  It may surprise you to know that women could solve that problem is short order if they were “allowed”. Turns out that business and the church have something in common. They like to hold women back even though a recent  Babson College study projected that if female entrepreneurs began with the same capital as their male counterparts, they would add six million jobs to the economy in five years, including two million in the first year.

Like they say “follow the money” so maybe the economy will push the Senior Pastors and CEOs to abandon their losing proposition and open boardrooms and leadership positions to more women. According to The Catalyst group it could really add to the bottom line.They discovered that companies with three or more women board directors in four of five years, on average, outperformed companies with zero women board directors?by 84% return on sales, 60% return on invested capital, and 46% return on equity.”

Probably not going to happen since as noted historian Barbara Tuchman says “in the scales of history inertia outweighs that of change” but one can hope (and agitate) like author Pam Hogeweide does in her insightful new book, Unladylike.

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