The RoE Tour

If you are interested in bringing the Women of Resignation of Eve and Jim Henderson to your city and church community, let’s talk. Contact Elaine Hansen using the Contact Us page.

What is the Resignation of Eve Tour?

The Resignation of Eve Tour presents the views of people who typically don’t appear in the same book.

People like Lee Merrill, a working mom from Phoenix, who is quite happy in her traditional church and not the least bit concerned with the issue of submission.

People like Susan Hall, a high-powered Seattle businesswoman who was raised in a conservative church, educated at evangelical institutions but eventually walked away with no regrets.

People like Sandi Horine who appreciates her church mostly for what it provides her husband and kids but reserves her leadership skills for her work at an inner city public school in Cincinnati.

We anticipate hearing from many women and men who identify with Lee, Susan and Sandi and others featured in the book. We want to give those people a voice as well.

Jim Henderson Presents plans to produce a national tour featuring some of the women we interviewed for the book. We envision visiting some of the cities where these women come from and inviting other women and men to meet them and engage in an interactive public conversation about the issue of how the church treats women.

The Tour would bring together women (and men) who hold different views.

Together we would explore this question…

Does the Church provide women the respect, honor and opportunity Jesus did?

If you are interested in bringing this tour to your city contact us here