Lynne Hybels

Whether we’re singing lullabies to babies (as I did last night to my six-day-old grandson) or protesting sexual exploitation (as I did recently at a forum on human trafficking), our voices matter.

The only thing more moving than hearing women cheer each other on is hearing a man cheer us on. Thank you, Jim, for recognizing Jesus’ revolutionary love for women, for honoring women’s stories, and for encouraging us to offer our full selves in service to God’s healing, restoring, redemptive work in this world.

Lynne Hybels
October, 2011

For the last fifteen years, Lynne has engaged in ministry partnerships in under-resourced communities in Latin America and Africa. More recently she has been involved in Willow’s Spanish-speaking congregation, Casa de Luz, and actively supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

In 2010 Lynne established a personal fundraising initiative, Ten For Congo, to support the thousands of women and girls brutally raped during the last decade of civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.