Just Jim

Jim HendersonWhen it comes to Christianity, Jim Henderson is a bit of a maverick — and completely serious about his faith in Jesus Christ.

Here’s how USA Today described Jim:

Henderson has blazed a new path as an innovator, author, church-evaluator, self-professed subversive, and leader in the creation of new ways to be publicly and persuasively Christian in the 21st century”.

And here’s Jim’s description of his path as a a follower of Jesus:

When I was a young adult, I felt the call of Jesus inviting me to join his movement. This proved to be a transformational moment. I became a pastor.

After 25 years as a pastor, I retired and began to devote my time to what I thought of as my “hobby” — spiritual anthropology. This also proved to be a transformational moment. I realized I wasn’t motivated to study traditional Christian apologetics, so I decided to learn how to “defend the space” instead of “defend the faith.”

Fascinated with the power of listening, Jim began to produce live events called Off The Map, where he let “the church” eavesdrop on his interviews with non-Christians and every kind of Outsider he could get on stage.

Just for the fun of it, Jim bought an atheist’s soul on Ebay. Then Jim and the atheist, Hemant Mehta, embarked on one of Jim’s first experiments in spiritual bridge-building by visiting various churches together and discussing their experiences.

In 2010, Jim launched his production company, Jim Henderson Presents, with the mission to “Take Jesus Public.” Jim wants to encourage followers of Jesus to engage in the public conversation that shapes spirituality. Jim is probably best known for asking the questions others skip.

In addition, Jim has written a number of books to help others explore what it means to defend the space:

Jim holds a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership. He has been featured in The Wall Street JournalUSA TodayFox TelevisionHuffingtonPost, This American Life with Ira Glass, in addition to numerous small gatherings of unknown people all over the world.