Jennifer shows us how

Check out Jennifer’s book review of ROE on her blog, her responses to the comments under it and her follow-up post.

In Jennifer’s words

[Jim], I, and a couple women whose stories are in the book actually began a good discussion in the comment box that led to a couple emails worth of conversation. There were no rude thoughts, no anger at our disagreement….just honest, thoughtful dialogue.

I appreciate Jennifer’s gracious spirit in listening and responding to people who disagree with her. She’s encouraging respectful dialog with a difference – exactly what we’re hoping to see here.


Jennifer shows us how — 4 Comments

  1. Helen – thanks for posting this link to Jennifer’s continuing conversation about Resignation of Eve. I appreciate her staying in the conversation with difference. One of things Jim does so well is create space to hold the differences and have conversations that matter.

  2. This is what Jennifer said about how she navigated our different views “it has left me silent in humble contemplation of how much unity could really be found in the church if we all put ego aside and focused on what holds us together: love for Christ.”


  3. I had only read the blog when I posted my response a minute ago. (I had some trouble getting pages to load from it.) I finally conquered those challenges and see the response as you mentioned. Wow is right. Jennifer gives me hope for the continued dialog – without the barbs and malice we so often see when folks disagree! Way to go Jennifer, Helen and Jim!

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