George Barna

Grappling with the tough issues and complex situations of our faith is necessary if we are to reflect the heart of Jesus to the world. We are God’s representatives of his love and truth; to represent him well, we must wrestle with such matters, no matter how uncomfortable they make us, or how much we discover we have to change our ways of thinking and acting.

Do yourself a favor; take your time working through this document. Clarify, in your own mind and heart, what you truly believe the Scriptures teach about power, gender roles, success, love, unity, and purpose. This is not fluffy stuff that you can blow through in an hour or two. Don’t even try to do that. The questions raised in these pages are too important to give short shrift.

Jim Henderson: restless thinker, playful servant, man of God, provocateur. He wants you to join the conversation. It won’t always be comfortable, but you’ll be a better person for engaging in it.

George Barna
Ventura, California
August 2011


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