Drop Driscoll Petition

I have two hobbies

1. I periodically sing in blues bands
2. I’ve been tracking Mark Driscoll for almost 8 years – he is dangerous

My Sophia recently mounted a petition drive to get Liberty University to Drop Driscoll from their speaking chapel on April 20th

Read the petition and you’ll see that this is a no brainer

Please sign and circulate immediately


Drop Driscoll Petition — 2 Comments

  1. Today I lay here reading with two cats beside me and a pitbull snoring by my feet. The don’t say much but manage to be better friends than any church person yet. I wouldn’t go back to church even if you did a tap dance on your religious heads.
    It’s so much nicer not having the subtle put downs and dismissals for miscellaneous sins and offences usually associated with being a single female.
    Hate to break it to you but I really don’t miss you much at all church. Found better things elsewhere.

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