Announcing The Official Release of The Resignation of Eve

Since Amazon is now the critical determinant when a book is released and since they decided to release it earlier than we anticipated lets call January 17th is LAUNCH DAY for The Resignation of Eve,

This is probably the most important book I’ve written. I didn’t think it about it that way when I wrote it because honestly it was simply a work of love. I’m a big fan of women . I think they’re underrated, underutilized, underfunded and under appreciated. I’m proud that my Master the Lord Jesus treated women with honor and respect and he gave them opportunities their own cultures didn’t.

I pray that this book will bring hope and the knowledge that they aren’t alone to thousands of women around the world. I hope and pray that pastors will recognize before it’s too late that the women they depend on the “run” their churches are people who want to follow Jesus in brand new ways. They need to be given the same exact opportunities to bring influence in the Kingdom of God as any man.

I believe that you have to pick your fights and choose the hill you’re willing to die on.

For me advocating for women to have as much influence in the Kingdom and the Church as their God has made them capable of is that fight and that hill.

Bring it!

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